We are moving!

So today is a pretty dreary day, but at least it’s Friday right?  So about a week ago I hinted that there will be a location change for our classes, and yes that means we are moving.  This wasn’t a decision my roomies and I wanted, but honestly it is for the best .  We absolutely LOVE our space in Five Points , but it was time.


So where is the new location at?  Well some of you might remember I used to be a design assistant at my parent’s granite and marble shop , well we are setting up shop there!  When I asked them, they just looked at me like ” duh why didn’t you just do that from the start?”  You live and you learn and I don’t regret moving into the space in Five Points for one second.  I had the best roommates , and we had a pretty space.


The new location is 1546 Jordan Road Huntsville, AL 35811 ( NOT Jordan Lane),  you wouldn’t believe how many calls we got asked “where are y’all on Jordan Lane?”  It is only 10 minutes up the road from our old location and I will attach a map.  We are in a big ol’ tan building with a sign up front The Stonecutter’s Guild.


It will be a little bit of an adjustment , but all new things are right?  Stonecutter’s was home to me for 10 years, but really I was there since I was 11.  We are very close to the company celebrating 20 years of business!!  What?! Yup I am so proud of my parents and my husband,  and it’s been amazing to see how far the company has come in those 20 years.  So we are revamping the show room to better accommodate clients as well as our classes.  My favorite change is our back break room.  It has turned into a “catch all” and not very functional , so we have designed a new room and it will be turned into a full functioning kitchen with tons of storage.


Like any good remodel, it will take some time to get it all finished and exactly how we want it.  We already have the cabinet drawings and those will be in the works very soon, and I will be showing y’all the process along the way.  Before and afters will be a must!  The great thing about this new kitchen is we might have some one on one baking classes in the future.


I can’t thank y’all enough for the loving support and we go through this new season and change.