The Sweet Life

Today I have been married to my love for two years.  To think it was two years ago that we stood in front of our closest friends and family is just crazy.   I am so lucky to be your wife and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.


He truly is my best friend and I could have asked for a better husband.  Seriously y’all he has helped set up AND stay for two different bridal shows if that isn’t love I don’t know what is.  He is such a huge supporter and is always right there when I need him the most.  There will be times I just want to sit down and cry because I couldn’t figure something out ( yes I know I’m a big baby), but he is right there to say “why don’t you do it like this?” and whatda know it worked!  It kinda drives me crazy, but I must say we make a pretty awesome team.

To some working with your husband would be a big fat no, but honestly I love it! If you ask him he might have a different opinion (maybe).  Delivery any cake whether its a wedding or a birthday cake is to me the worse part, but guess who is a pro at it? Yup Wes, seriously I don’t know how he stays so calm,  but I’m glad.  This is his time to take control (which is hard for me to sit back and let the man do his thing), he loads the cake and makes sure it won’t slide.  When we get there we both scope out where the cake needs to go and then we get to setting up. At this point we don’t really even talk to each other we kinda just know what the other person is about to do and BAM the cake is done!


Happy anniversary my love.

He’s so handsome I can’t stand it!



This is from our Styled Shoot “Golden Summer”, I just loved “marrying” him again!


This is the part I think my mom wanted to slap me silly, I forgot to tell her how I would like the cakes displayed and when I wanted over there it just didn’t look right. So I asked her to hold one of the cakes while I moved things around hehe I think she was ready to kill me 🙂



I had to through in our wedding cakes, what kind of cake lady would I be if I didn’t show y’all what mine looked like.


Photos by : Erin Lindsey Images