Lets go on an Adventure

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Today I took my first sip of coffee as a full time cake artist/baker.  That’s right I have officially left my full time as a design assistant of 9 years at my parents granite and marble fabrication shop The Stonecutter’s Guild.  My last day was Dec 23rd, but it had never really felt “real” until last night when my Dad said “I’ll take the extras to the guys at work tomorrow”.  That’s when it hit me, I am really doing this.  I have dreamed of this for awhile now and to say this part of my dream has come true is nothing less than amazing, but I couldn’t have done it with out my other half Wes.  Yes I am that wife that brags on her husband all the time, but he deserves it and more.  Long talks, tears and laughs, but the day is finally here.

I am truly blessed to have the family that I have and no it is not easy working with your parents or in their case your daughter.  However until now, I didn’t realize (nor did they) that they have taught me how to be a better business owner.  They taught me respect and how to love what you do and how to build relationships with people and vendors and that my friends was the hardest part about saying good bye.  A lot of the builders and suppliers are people I have known since Stonecutter’s started in 1999 (I was 11 ), so I literally grew up with a lot of them.  It was harder than I thought to tell them I was leaving the family business, but in return I had their support and most importantly their friendship.

The person I will miss working with the most is my mom.  We are exactly a like and being exactly a like we know which buttons to push and we push them hard , so yes there were good days and bad days.  However I wouldn’t trade it for anything,  I got to see her everyday of the week .  I will miss her silly jokes that make no sense at all , and her constant throwing pens and paper clips at the back of my head to get my attention.  I simple hey you would work, but a paper clip is way better she feels. Truthfully, I will miss working with both my parents.  I would get my daily morning advise from my dad whether it was about business or just some random thought I had.

2014 was a beautiful year, we had 32 weddings and tons of birthday and bridal luncheon cakes.  I can not thank everyone enough for the love and support for Just Crumbs.  I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us and let this crazy adventure start!

Cheers to 2015 and let them eat cake!

View More: http://erinlindseyimages.pass.us/just-crumbs-1-year-anniversary