Change is a Good Thing

Yesterday was Daylight Savings and I couldn’t be more excited, everything is changing from dead and dreary to alive and bright!  With the new season comes new beginnings and some changes here at Just Crumbs.  I am so excited to announce we now have our very own meeting space in a cute little house in Five Points. Some of you may already know this cute little space as Honey B a unique children’s boutique and Sweet Roots Photography’s Studio, and now myself.  We are located at 601 Pratt Ave NE., and I couldn’t be more excited!

We (my husband and I) have talked about it before, but it just wasn’t really a good time, until now.  When this opportunity came up, we just had to make it happen.  I really needed a place of my own where I can meet with clients and have our tastings we’re we didn’t have to fight for a table on busy nights. I will definitely miss meeting at Cafe 153, but it was time for our own space.   I have also wanted a place I could store my cake stands along with some display cakes and now we got just that!

Some of you might not know this but, before I started cakes I was in the interior design business. So needless to say I got a little too excited to decorate the new space.  I know my husband is happy that I scratched that itch I had to redecorate again ( it’s a bad habit).  When I started brainstorming a design I knew I wanted something light and airy, with natural elements.  I have always told myself I would never paint a wall a white, but younger self didn’t know what she was talking about.  The white walls make it feel so clean and peaceful, until the random squirrel slams into the window.

We still have a few more things to move is and add to the walls , but here is a little peek into our new area!



Y’all the light in this room is AMAZING!!_MG_3220_MG_3236

The meeting space isn’t the only thing about Just Crumbs that is changing.  Last year we had such a wonderful year with weddings and that is truly where my heart is.  Even though I have loved doing birthday cakes and have some of the best repeat customers, I am so sad to say we are no longer doing custom birthday cakes anymore.  It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was something we needed to do.  Now hold on, that being said we are going to start doing holiday cakes for pick up starting with Easter!  Later on this week we will have more details for you!


Happy Monday y’all!!